His Majesty the King at the 3rd India-Africa Forum Summit: Morocco has become top African investor in West Africa, Second biggest in Continent

New Delhi  –

His Majesty King Mohammed VI stressed here on Thursday that Morocco has become the top African investor in West Africa and the second biggest in the continent, noting that South-South cooperation is now a “pressing need”.

      The Sovereign underlined in a speech delivered at the 3rd India-Africa forum summit in New Delhi that both at the bilateral level and in the framework of triangular cooperation, Morocco is keen to carry out tangible projects in productive areas which boost development, create jobs and have a direct impact on the citizens’ lives.

HM the King went on that the summit is “an opportunity for us to assess South-South cooperation, which is the cornerstone of the African-Indian partnership”, stressing that it should serve “as a platform to lay the foundations for an efficient, solidarity-based, multidimensional South-South cooperation model, through which we can make optimal use of the resources and potential available in our countries”.

“Our cooperation therefore has to turn the page on the legacy of the past and seek to serve our countries’ strategic interests”, the Sovereign recommended, insisting that South-South cooperation “is neither a mere slogan nor a political luxury”.

“This is a pressing need”, said the Sovereign, highlighting “the scale of the challenges faced.”

“Indeed, we cannot rely on conventional patterns of cooperation that today no longer help us respond to the growing needs of our peoples”, pointed out His Majesty the King .