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New Moroccan Ambassador Mohamed Maliki Presents Credentials to Indian President Pranab Mukherjee

The new Moroccan Ambassador to India Mohamed Maliki presented his credentials to President of India Pranab Mukherjee on February 15,2017  in the Indian capital New Delhi at an impressive ceremony. The Presidential Palace – Rashtrapati Bhavan tweeted the news from its social media account.

Autonomy plan is ‘reasonable compromise’ for Sahara issue, Foreign Policy

Autonomy plan is 'reasonable compromise' for Sahara issue, Foreign PolicyThe autonomy plan in the Sahara, under the Moroccan sovereignty, is a reasonable compromise that accounts for most of the interests of all parties, wrote US magazine “Foreign Policy”, underlining that the “map of the Horn of Africa is filled with turmoil, much of it caused by the two new nations.”

How Morocco’s Allies Aborted All Attempts to Get Security Council’s Support for Ban Ki-moon

The past two weeks have witnessed intense negotiations on the dispute pitting Morocco against Ban Ki-moon.

Western Sahara: How Ban Ki-moon Showed Total Disregard of International Law

logoUnited Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon’s recent controversial comments about the “occupation” of the Western Sahara generated a great deal of pushback from a broad spectrum of Moroccan circles – from the government’s decision to cut down the number of staffers and funding at the UN mission in the Sahara to global protests from France to New York.

Ministry of National Education to Require Future Teachers to Master English

Morocco’s Minister of National Education and Vocational Training, Rashid Belmokhtar, said on 15 March 2016 that a certain level of English and French fluency is a prerequisite for candidates to access the regional training centers for educational careers.