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Hello Morocco: Vice President Hamid Ansari’s visit to the North African nation can be a game-changer

In a hugely significant and crucial visit Vice-President Hamid Ansari will embark on a tour of the North African nation of Morocco from May 30 to June 1. The visit will not only seek to boost bilateral ties but also lay the platform for a future strategic partnership. In fact, India-Morocco relations ought to become a vital axis of New Delhi’s Africa outreach, especially in the Sahara and Sahel regions dominated by Francophone African nations. Given Morocco’s sisterly relations with these nations, it can open the door for India to this part of Africa. In this context, it’s to be noted that Morocco is the top African investor in West Africa and the second biggest African investor on the continent.

Indian Vice President Ansari to fill Africa hole in Modi govt’s itinerary

Vice-President Hamid Ansari will visit Morocco and Senegal next month, ending the complete drought of trips by top Indian leaders to Africa under the Narendra Modi government that has stood out starkly against the administration’s claimed outreach to the continent.

A Vital Visit: Morocco’s King Mohammed VI’s visit to Russia has significant geopolitical implications

Apropos my previous blog, I had mentioned how Russian intervention in Syria has created conditions for a negotiation process to end the five-year-old Syrian civil war. But given that the latter along with the rise of the Islamic State (IS) terror group has had a spill-over effect on the larger Middle East, North Africa and Europe regions, the recent visit of Morocco’s King Mohammed VI to Russia is significant.

Huge Moroccan protests against UN chief’s stance on Western Sahara

Up to 1 million Moroccans marched through their capital to protest the UN secretary-general’s remarks about the contested Western Sahara territory. It was an unusually massive show of public anger for Morocco on March 13,2016 , and was encouraged by leading political parties.

Don’t rock the boat: Ban Ki-moon must refrain from complicating the Moroccan Sahara issue

In my previous blog I had talked about Morocco’s novel strategy to counter Islamic radicalisation by promoting moderate Islam through a structured programme of training foreign imams. But this isn’t the only area where the North African nation is carrying out pioneering work.